DO NOT INSTALL!!! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Beware!!! This is a SPYWARE add-on, that now belongs to a company named DO NOT INSTALL this add-on, it sends that company information about every web page you visit.
It is clearly stated on their privacy policy, although sadly few people care to read that: "WIPS.COM'S EXTENSION SERVICE COLLECTS AND STORES INFORMATION ABOUT THE WEB PAGES YOU VIEW. IN SOME CASES, INFORMATION COLLECTED BY THE EXTENSION SERVICE MAY BE PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE". And also: "When you use the Extension Service, we collect information about the websites you visit, the searches you perform using search engines and when you use the "search" function of the Extension Service, the ways in which you use various Extension Service features (including whether the Extension Service is still installed on your computer), and the pages you view"

Stay away!!!!