Excellent beginning Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Here;s the thing, once installed, thee is a button to browse where the destination folder goes for GLG data, it didn't popup on the firdt try before I ran the app. Something about the database may not be ready until you run it at least once. After that it was fine and I changed the folder. DON'T try to go into your setings in FireFox and try to manually get it to point to a new folder, you'll screw it up.

That being said, I have been searching for a tool like this and I am glad to have it. I was using my wife's Palm's Task List, but categories and checking/unchecking items was a nightmare. There are other tools out there, but I have no interest in paying for anything.

I like that is it customizable, it comes with categories like Fruits, Canned goods, Beverages, Snacks etc, and some sample recipe items (without the actual recipe text, so it's just to get an idea of how it works) and food items in the categories like Milk, Onions, Potatoes etc, again to see how it all works.

I easily began making my GLG a Vegetarian/Organic database and started adding my own recipe items. We plan to use this for Meal Planning to ease our stress at suppertimes!

You go, Cpt. Caveman! Keep up the good work

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.6.1).