frustrating; can't be trusted Rated 1 out of 5 stars

**healthy, stable installation of XP Pro SP3 +FFox 3.0.4**

been using this for at least 18 months. immediately after initial default installation i moved the data files to a preferred sub-directory and pointed the program to that DIR. got errors every time i opened/closed the program for weeks. not sure why/how but they eventually slowed to a trickle. guess it's a slow learner.

try to add or delete an items. error: "Could not find the selected item. Please try again." (repeats twice each time). i've been trying to delete the same item forever but all this buggy program does is delete the top item in the category. i must have deleted 5-10 'innocent' items before i figured that out. the item i want to delete just sits there, laughing.

after 'forcing' a new item onto the list i get the same error as above when i attempt to generate list.

after annual reformat/reinstallation of Windows the same problems come back immediately.

on a less critical (but still important) note, users should be able to reduce font on the generated list, even if only by using Ctrl+-. further print options wouldn't hurt either. but like i said, these are options to worry about once a program is stable.

i just wanted something to keep a running 'aisle-by-aisle' grocery list, as this add-on suggests. GLG has promise and ambitious higher-functions but it simply can't be relied upon for the fundamental core task of maintaining a running custom grocery list.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.6.1).