Available Script Filter Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is a wonderful add-on. It allows you to easily find scripts that may be available for a site you are visiting. There are only 2 things I’ve found that are frustrating for me. The first is very minor; when reviewing a script, it opens in a new window instead of a tab. It would be great if it where a changeable option.

The second frustrating aspect is the fact that I cannot find anyway to filter out unwanted scripts from constantly showing up on every site. For example, there are at least two scripts that show up as available on Every site I visit. There are many that have been flagged as either useless, or possibly as being malware, yet they still show up in the available list.

If there were a way to add to, or modify the existing Exlude.dat file, it would be an easy 5 star for me.