Useful but not perfect Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Way too complicated to translate something,first you have to select the text you want to have translated and then press the toolbarbutton or use a useless hotkey combination.I don´t understand how this addon got so many good ratings.There should be function like auto translation for the selected text.
I have to admit that my first review was a bit harsh but I tried every translation addon for firefox and not a single one got the functions I wanted.
Anyway this addon isn´t that bad but still some functions I would love to see:
1.Translation with one key (e.g.shift or strg)
2.A hotkey to translate the selected text and a other hotkey to translate the whole site
3.A function to undo the translation without reloading the page

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Hmm, okay you are really smart. And please let me know, what should the add-on do if you select something to copy it? No. Auto-translation will never be part of this add-on, you have to find some other extension which offers something like that. Btw, what easier method would you suggest to make translating easier? (Don't come up with context menu, it's ugly and harder to use, imo.) And how the hot-key combo can be useless? You can set there whatever combination you want, your hands are not tied.