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updated : thanks a lot for your update, it make my bookmarks searching more efficient once again.

I think I'll stick with ff20, till ff23 release, because of ff20's good performance & stability (no crash except flash) and all essential features and addons I need.
(well, I load firefox and the profile (about 80 addons,auto-backup every min) and cache (empty on fresh boot) on ram disk, so fast enough for loading time (3s) and page rendering(<1s most pages).)

original post :
I checked gmarks (another google bookmarks tool, in sidebar) have 30,475 users, so there are many users using google bookmarks, but less guy learn this tool is far better for searching the bookmark(s) you want, other than expand the folders one by one or finding the right one even after search in gmarks.

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Google Bookmarks IncSearch compatibility with Firefox 20.
But this addon in the state of the waiting for a review in AMO.
Please download from the following URL.