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(19-Jan-2013 follow-up 2)
First of all, thanks for onozaty (Developer) update and left me a reply.

Highly appreciate your contribution for firefox users.

I tested this addon on newest firefox beta 19b2 and aurora 20a2, .19b2 work fine, but 20a2 fault to show anything (for both google incsearch and de.lio.us incsearch).

(21-dec-2012 follow-up 1)
because of I still being alive (i.e. fault MAYA prediction), and Delicous bookmark incsearch suddenly inspire me to check his bro, google bookmark incsearch, I find that a update the author made for us, pls check the new ver. 1.5.1 under "version Information" part. Thanks for your best gift, author.
" https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/google-bookmarks-incsearch/versions/ "

(14-Oct-2012 Original)
Since FF 15, and now FF16, google bookmark incsearch had been no longer function. Hope the author has a update for that.

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Google Bookmarks IncSearch compatibility with Firefox 15.
But this addon in the state of the waiting for a review in AMO.
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