Great addon, but v1.2 changed tab color options Rated 5 out of 5 stars

While I find GlassMyFox absolutely suited to my personal preferences, I just updated it to v1.2 today and found myself having to configure the addon from scratch, as it was mentioned on the release notes. So far so good, new options, new configuration window layout, but when I selected my previously used Glass tabs v3, it has now a very dim white text that's hard to read and gives entirely unnecessary eye strain. I selected each Tabs set, and found out that the developer remove the single set I actually liked. Basically, the old Glass tabs v3 has the high enough brightness and contrast of the current 1.2 Glass tabs v1 plus the highlighted active tab.

Please add this configuration back, I'm literally in pain now, as I actively use tabs, and I most certainly don't want to stop using this amazing work of an addon of yours.

EDIT: Basically, the current 1.2 Glass tabs v1 with a bright selected tab rather than a dark selected tab would be perfect.

EDIT2: Just uninstalled 1.2 and reinstalled 1.1.1, in which Glass tabs v3 works as intended. Given that such version has already future compatibility, I will be using it and not updating for the foreseeable future. Do note that this doesn't detract from the overall experience at all, I won't take any other visual style, so congrats for your work once again :)

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Hi tribaljet,

you are right. I changed some tab settings in v1.2, but not everybody was pleased with them. I already uploaded the next devbuild on 07-22-2012 that restores the tabs from 1.1.1 and adds tabs from v1.2 as seperate settings. Just install v1.2.1pre1 from here ( ) and select the tabs you like.

The changes in v1.2 are mainly for FF15+ where the tabs are on top by default. I wanted them to be more appropriate, but I guess everybody likes to be able to chose, so v1.2.1 will just have more settings. ;-)

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For instance, two popular sites that display 1-2 pixels more height on the address bar are and I should add that I have small icons for the taskbar, other than that there are no settings changed. Regarding addons, which kind could affect taskbar height? I'm not using any tabs addon, merely an addon that restores page title to the titlebar.

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As you can see on my first screenshot and on my second one, the mentioned glitch doesn't occur on my system. Tested with a clean profile on Win7x64.

Could you disable all your extensions and test GMF again? Please use the new support site for further reports. ;-)

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I'm sorry to have been unable to look properly into settings, and the selected tab visual focus settings were there indeed, both GMF tabs v2 and Alt. tabs v1 definitely fits my needs. Although, it should be noted that sites with SSL encryption increase the URL text area slightly so there are height differences between SSL and non SSL sites. That's a slight visual quirk that would be great to be fixed.
Overall, great addon and congrats on your great work :)

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Thanks again.

Could you post a screenshot and an url where that text area glitch appears? I've tested some sites and did not see any height differences:

Btw, there are no changes on urlbar text in this extension, maybe another one causes the glitch?

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So far it's quite interesting, and the only thing I'd like to see in a future version is a somehow noticeable focus on which tab is selected, perhaps with a darker transparency tab selection.

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Thanks tribaljet. You can select different tab settings on add-ons preferences page inside add-ons manager. From v1.0.9 on I will switch two settings "default Glass Tabs" <-> "alternative Glass Tabs v3" like Amo-eidtors suggested.

When you install the latest dev version from versionspage or devchannel you will have them already switched. ;-)