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Great add on, offering more than I could ask for

However I have 1 question/suggestion. Is it possible to transparent just 1 specific tab? I want to transparent my homepage (modified with add on) and if I use the normal feature it will disable and replace the homepage. If I use the Tab content transparent it will transparent everythings which hurts my eyes after awhile (it would be very very nice to have a button to turn that on/off)

So can you add some kind of list to transparent some tabs (like homepages, new tabs, YT...) instead of every tabs?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

I'm not sure if I understood you right. By "tabs" you mean indeed the tabs or the content of a tab?

It is only possible to style
'selected tab' (pinned/unpinned),
'hovered tab (pinned/unpinned),
'default tab = not selected/hovered tab' (pinned/unpinned),
'hovered new tab',
'default new tab = not hovered new tab'

It is not possible to style a tab for a specific website/url.

It is also not possible to make only one specific website transparent.

To change styles on a website '@-moz-document rules' are needed, but they cannot change Firefox gui/xul, if specified for a website, see