Trouble with Youtube Rated 3 out of 5 stars

While this is a greate idea execution needs to improve.
I've been visiting a lot of blogs and this blocks embedded youtubes. Don't see anything where it would have been, so don't know that one was there unless the text gives you a hint.

Turns out I have to unblock on many pages, so the value of this add-on is lessened.

Add an option listing some common legit google sites/ sub URLs which users can selectivly reconnect, like embedded youtubes, or automatically make them viewable would be great.

Alternatively, a place holder so you know something is missing, perhaps with a LOAD button.

For now, I'm uninstalling.

ps ditto on the Captcha issue below and Google maps - again a place holder would be good.

pps Firefox 10.0.2 W7/64

Brian, thanks for your advice below, yes I know about the unblock and it worked when I used it, but the issue is that without a place-holder you don't know you need to unblock. Often fancy things on a page don't work, if you are new to a site you don't know that the fancy stuff is there, so you just miss-out. Sorry - don't want to start a blog...

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

See the screenshots, read the instructions

A Google Disconnect icon shows in the location bar when Google resources are blocked. Click the icon to unblock the resources.