Nope, the review still stands Rated 1 out of 5 stars

And I still appreciate the warning whether you like it or not Foxtail. This sounds like a repeat of the old OptimizeGoogle plug-in from a couple of years ago. Good ideas that ultimately failed. You can see a review of that one in my profile.

Of course I have Adblock Plus already installed. Who doesn't? It's the first plug-in I have installed for any build of Firefox.

And since this plug-in's warnings are disabled by Adblock, I have no real way of knowing whether it's actively working in the background or not everytime I visit a webpage.

Maybe he should FIX THAT and then I'll raise my rating. Ya hear that, developer?

Anyway, I'm done here.

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More reading, less trolling

There’s nothing to fix. If you’re already blocking Google with Adblock Plus, there’s nothing for Google Disconnect to block and nothing for Google Disconnect to indicate.

But I repeat myself.

If you wanted Google Disconnect to handle your Google blocking, you could change your Adblock Plus settings.