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We need an updated version of this plug in.

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Still like to use it. Perhaps the author will give us a new version soon. Until then you can find an installable version here: http://rapidshare.de/files/43070385/galculator_statusbar_version_-6.1-fx-mod.xpi.html

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Very useful!
Sehr nützlich!

Hier modifizierte Datei, die auch unter neueren Fox-Versionen (bis 3.0.9) läuft:

Modified version for Fox up to version 3.0.9:


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I love this extension and could not do without it, unfortunately it does not work in firefox 3.0 but i mickey rigged it to work. Email me at waterfoul@gmail.com asking for the xpi and I will give it to you. Please be semi descriptive so I know what you are asking for

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Galculator looks like a very useful add-on, too bad it doesn't work properly with the new FF betas (i.e. opened windows are blank, etc.)

I'll be checking it out later for updates.

Thanks for making it available.

Extemely Useful Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great extension, it does a lot more than just calculate.