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Hi Sepand,

I have been testing 'Toolbar Autohide' v4.1.2 for a while ... and several small glitches have come up :

- This previously commented problem remains active ( tested on different OSes and on different themes ) :

“ When opening a new tab through a link ( for instance clicking on a Google search entry ) that implies the CREATION of A TABBAR NEW ROW ... the new tab row 'auto-appears' ... the proper behaviour would be jumping to the new tab without showing any tabbar new row at all ... or even better ... honouring what you have defined on 'Display on Events'. ”

- The following one is impacting on the core of my usability : On 'Zombie' mode ... 'Alt+keys' shortcuts to access Firefox menus are not working. So that if you intend to open a file, show history, synchronize your bookmarks ... whatever function you need to access through the menus ... you will be screwed.

- When moving tabs around ... you get an indicator to help you foresee the new position of the tab once you drop it ... well, it does not appear anymore.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.1.1). 

For your first problem, is it opening a new tab? I'm not sure what setting/add-on causes that to happen so I am having a hard time trying to replicate the issue.

For the menu bar, please see the newly added FAQ to the extension description. There is a preference that controls the behavior.

For the tab indicator: do you have tab move animations disabled? By default, Firefox will move the tabs around rather than show an indicator in recent versions. This issue is likely due to an add-on. If you can e-mail me a list of your add-ons, I can take a look to see what is going on.

Great !!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi sepandparhami,

I have just made a quick test of 'Fullscreen Toolbar Hover' 3.0.3 ... and it works like a charm. Specifically the 'Zombie Mode' functionality replication is simply P E R F E C T . THANK YOU !!!!

On the other hand, regarding to the approach of this new feature ... I'd like to mention the following ...

... I usually surf the net in 'Zombie Mode' ... but several times a day I just need a quick go to 'Maximized Mode' for a while ... and then come back to 'Zombie Mode'.

With today's approach, going from 'Zombie Mode' to 'Maximized Mode' I need to open about:addons tab, enter 'Fullscreen Toolbar Hover' preferences, update them (ticking Normal (don't hover)) . I also need to move up the mouse pointer and righ-click on the toolbar to tick 'Show menu bar'. Well ... yes a bit cumbersome. Then the other way around for coming back to 'Zombie Mode'.

Either way ... in my opinion, the main reason for updating this new feature's approach is that I think most people who will use 'Zombie Mode' they will be doing so in substitution of 'Fullscreen Mode' ... ... once they are in 'Zombie Mode' ... they will not need to F11 for going to fullscreen ... they will probably need to click F11 to go to 'Maximized Mode'.

Yes ... I think 'Zombie Mode' and 'Fullscreen Mode' should be mutually exclusive. I also think that 'Zombie Mode' attributes should be replicated from 'Fullscreen Mode' , I mean, if on 'Fullscreen Mode' only one 'bar' or two 'bars' are autohiding ... 'Zombie Mode' should behave the same way ... and the fields 'Show toolbar when there is a title change event (notification)' and 'Show Tabs' from 'Fullscreen Toolbar Hover' addon should apply to both 'Fullscreen Mode' and 'Zombie Mode'.

I'd love to know your point about this.

Thank you.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.0.3). 

I'll look into adding an option to enter maximized / autohide mode when instead of entering fullscreen for the next release. There are a couple of things implementation wise that I am not sure about yet, so it will take a little bit of looking into.

One quick suggestion for now is that you can switch between the maximized autohide mode via the context menu on the tab bar. Just right click and select "Maximized / hover" to either enter or leave the mode. You will still need to hide the menu bar if you don't want it to show up when hovering however.

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Hi sepandparhami,

I forgot to mention in my previous comment that, those who use the so called 'Zombie Mode' ... we usually use it as a substitute of 'Fullscreen Mode' ... so that the possible remaining 'states' of Firefox window would be :

Minimized -- Unmaximized -- Maximized -- 'Zombie Mode'

... in contrast to the usual ...

Minimized -- Unmaximized -- Maximized -- Fullscreen

... this way, having available the 'Zombie Mode' does not restrict us from using the regular Maximized mode whenever it's required.

Thanks a lot.

Ps .- I am running Firefox 18.0 over a Kubuntu 12.04 amd64 box.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.1). 

Great !!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Wow !!!! ... sincerely ... I had lost any hope about recovering old-Autohide extension functionality.

Thank you very, very, very much for creating this addon.

I wonder if you could implement what in old-Autohide was called 'Zombie Mode'. This is a critical part on my Firefox usability experience ... and maybe some others too.

With 'Zombie Mode' I got my bottom taskbar at hand as if I were not using fullscreen. Actually I combined 'Zombie Mode' on one hand ... and ... on the other hand, using the window manager, I removed Firefox window top border. The final result was brilliant ... I had a real Firefox fullscreen with no-bouncing autohiding toolbar and tabbar at the top ... and a no-bouncing autohiding taskbar at the bottom.

As far as I remember I only used 'Zombie Mode' on linux ... because old-Autohide gave the option to show/autohide the bottom taskbar for Windows ... and nowadays I mainly use linux.

Thank you anyway.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.1). 

It was sort of tricky, but this functionality will sort of be in the next version. It basically adds an option to apply the add-on while maximized, which should act pretty close to what your are looking for.

There might be a bug or two under Windows, but it works well under Fedora/XFCE with or without Hide Caption Titlebar Plus 2.6.0.