Great !!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Wow !!!! ... sincerely ... I had lost any hope about recovering old-Autohide extension functionality.

Thank you very, very, very much for creating this addon.

I wonder if you could implement what in old-Autohide was called 'Zombie Mode'. This is a critical part on my Firefox usability experience ... and maybe some others too.

With 'Zombie Mode' I got my bottom taskbar at hand as if I were not using fullscreen. Actually I combined 'Zombie Mode' on one hand ... and ... on the other hand, using the window manager, I removed Firefox window top border. The final result was brilliant ... I had a real Firefox fullscreen with no-bouncing autohiding toolbar and tabbar at the top ... and a no-bouncing autohiding taskbar at the bottom.

As far as I remember I only used 'Zombie Mode' on linux ... because old-Autohide gave the option to show/autohide the bottom taskbar for Windows ... and nowadays I mainly use linux.

Thank you anyway.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.1). 

It was sort of tricky, but this functionality will sort of be in the next version. It basically adds an option to apply the add-on while maximized, which should act pretty close to what your are looking for.

There might be a bug or two under Windows, but it works well under Fedora/XFCE with or without Hide Caption Titlebar Plus 2.6.0.