Australis ? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Probably the best dark theme for firefox. I only hope version for FF29+ with new australis interface will be available.

I would prefer version with less black and more grey tones (something between GraphriteGlow and DeepDark) but nevermind.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (9.5.3). 

Thank you for your review :)

Concerning an update for Firefox 29 and above, as I explained to few other users, it will take much more time than for any other updates I made till now. Lots of things are broken and there are also new graphics to create. Due to the fact that I don't have enough support, I can only dedicate a small part of my spare time to work on my themes and I can't use my working time for it.

By the way, I already created a theme which is a compromise between GraphiteGlow and DeepDark. It was the last theme I created. Its name is "8 Ultimo". Just that due to the same problem I mentioned concerning the FT DeepDark update for Firefox 29 and above, I couldn't keep on maintaining that theme. I really liked it, but unluckily I needed to interrupt its development. Maybe one day it will be available again.