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...but... firefox is getting worse and worse! if your great netscape theme wasn't there, i seriously would consider switching over to opera or some other browser shit! these damn firefox developers have now completely removed this good old download window! but that's another story... and the download-icon keeps changing to downwards green arrow in the first place and then it changes to some kind of pause-icon. is there anything you could do about this? another important question: will your theme still work in upcoming firefox 28 when they change to this australis-bullshit? if not, well... then firefox 27 really will be the last version of firefox i have installed ever. then i really will switch to another browser! seriously i'm starting to hate mozilla! really!!!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.15).  This user has other reviews of this add-on.

As for the download button and the green arrow, I might be able to change things to make the green arrow not appear. I have not invested any significant time in addressing that or anything else due to the coming Australis user interface. I am not looking into what needs to be done to make FOXSCAPE work with Australis. Once Australis arrives I will review the situation and make my decision as to whether I will continue development of FOXSCAPE for Firefox. If I do decide to continue, there obviously will be a long delay before the new version of FOXSCAPE arrives. I may call it quits if things look too difficult to address, or are just too different from the current user interface. It may well be that Firefox becomes unpalatable to my tastes, and likely others. One thing to note is that I believe, from some reading I did, that the throbber (activity indicator) will be gone from Australis. That is something that many users may dislike since the throbbing "N" (with meteorites) is something that most Netscape fans like to see when loading pages.

So, wait and see what comes...