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the tabs look really glassy/modern on my browser. I was wondering if you could update the theme to make them look matte?

I haven't looked in to how to do this myself.

Thanks for the great skin!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.02). 

Matte tabs

Hello Josh,

From the readme located at (after installing and enabling FOXSCAPE):

"There are also some image elements that are used in conjunction with the Location bar, Search bar, and Tab Bar which are shaded, giving a subtle 3D look. These elements are left unchanged by default since I feel that they look reasonably nice as is and I feel that some people might not like the flat look. For those who wish to make these items look flat, see the Advanced Customization section."

At the following link, from the Advanced Customization section mentioned above:


you will find the following line:

/* @import url("chrome://browser/skin/foxscape/sub/Flat_and_square_tab_bar_Fx.css"); */

remove the remark indicators and place in the .css as per the instructions cited above.

I hope you like the improved appearance after doing the steps above.


P.S. I just uploaded version 3.03. You can get it by clicking on "View All Versions" near the bottom of the Mozilla.org FOXSCAPE page.