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Yes we are FF users but it does not IMPLY we are emotionally irrational,uninformed/ignorant fanatics (being on XP i am only using ridiculously endlessly updated sometimes even w/o debugging Firebox by default (cf IE9 on Win7 - this addon improves the "today's aesthetics" of this mozilla brwsr .) so speak for yourself not "other users"re IE - the stated aim of the addon in to replicate IE9 ie please IE9 fans, not your firefox blinded hybrid - clearly if you didn't know about IE's Yellow star?, throughout its LONG history it has been synonymous with Favorites button (ie bookmarks) why on earth would even begin to criticize something you have so little info on conversely have so much prejudice on?? Look at any pic of IE9 like the ones on this site/page and the yellow star is still at the top, now on the right between the home + option buttons - as a firefox fan you wont be familiar with modern browser design that optimizes such a browser's main role - VIEWING 'framing' the web, in the most clutter + distractionless, enhancing,complementary stand out way while maintaining ease of use + functionality.

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