Probably Better Than I Realised Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I've just reinstalled this. I had it running for months in the background, but didn't get to grips with it when I first installed it. There is quite a lot to get your head round because it does quite a lot of stuff and provides rich information and a lot of configuration options. You don't have to be a computer expert, but it might take a bit of time to read the help files (there's a menu item to open the website behind the dialog, so don't forget to minimize the latter to read it!) and think about the various tabs on the Options dialog to set it up how you want it, possibly over weeks of trial. For instance, I had no idea how useful and richly displayed the Editor History was until now - hovering over the relevant form field entry for a blog post I wrote last week shows the text and images are there, backed up in case of loss.

I also had an issue with the sizing of the main dialog - not showing the whole window, not resizeable, and taller than my 600 px screen so I couldn't get to the buttons, but it seems to have rectified itself - maybe I'll post to Support when I figure out when/how/if it comes back. I closed it by temporarily making my taskbar auto-hidden, but the next time I opened it, it was a normal window.

I would like a button or shortcut key to quickly protect items I see in the preview or history list - the menu item makes it a little fiddly to do several, and each then opens another dialog to give details, name it..?...etc. Improving the intuitive use of so much information isn't easy, but I believe it could be done with some tool tips and/or serious consideration of every element and tab. It isn't immediately clear what the difference is between "Show History" and "Editor History" (i.e. between the different kinds of field, or the triggering of their collection), for instance.

I get the feeling this addon is really well thought out and maintained. Rather than just lists of dates, for instance, it gives "3 days ago" etc., which is useful to find things in a long list. Lots of nice details like that. Good work Stephan and thanks.

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