Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I agree with all the enthusiasm that everyone is expressing for Forecastfox, and also share their disappointment with the new inability to use it brought about with FF 29. That IS part and parcel of the fun, little accelerated FF update schedule after all -- discovering what gets broken and how to fix it again in each new release.

With that said, I'm puzzled with the comments from those who are stating that everything can be fixed by installing the Forecastfox update from the link provided by so many, along with re-establishing the add-on bar through one of a handful of new add-ons fixes. Yes, I followed those steps and was then able to customize and drag Forecastfox back down to the add-on bar. Problem is that is doesn't stay there -- within a few minutes or when I restart FF, it disappears again. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see the improvement.

More concerning is the fact that the developer seems to be silent on the subject. I do hope he hasn't abandoned all of his faithful followers. Version 2.2.4 doesn't seem to be an improvement, so we need something else. Otherwise, we're all stuck. AniWeather also seems to be plagued with the same issue, so the only alternative right now seems to be Weather Now, which doesn't have anywhere near the capabilities.