Still can't see the button Rated 4 out of 5 stars

The previous version (0.9.1) works. I can see the button. But with this latest one, I can't find it anywhere, and I tried your suggestions but no luck. It's doubtful that it is a possible compatibility issue with using a 64-bit browser, seeing as with your previous version the button is visible. I'm using Pale Moon x64.

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Sorry, didn't know you were using PaleMoon.
There is a bug in the current SDK 1.14 which my addon in 0.9.3 uses, that causes it to fail on browsers other than Firefox and Firefox Mobile. This is fixed already and will probably be shipped in FF 22 (next week). I think PM will also ship the new SDK Version 1.15, but I am not sure.
You can use version 0.9.1 and disable updates for this addon in its settings until then.