This has been great for youtube, up until the last two days Rated 4 out of 5 stars

(Using FVD v. 3.8.7 with Fx 19.0.2 on Ubuntu)

youtube seems to have changed something with the video URL's or something. Even if I start a vid, which I haven't needed to in a long time, I do not get a blue icon showing me downloads are available. I did use FVD to download a Vimeo vid, just to be sure. However, I uninstalled it & reinstalled it in hopes that would help, but no luck. I tried other youtube vid downloaders and none worked, so I guess this is the desired intent by youtube. A year or so ago, a similar thing happened and you fixed it really fast. Since I'm not seeing any feedback about hampered functionality now, I'm alerting you to this. Hope you can fix it soon!

One thing I noticed with the new version with my setup before this current, major problem: The pane icons are harder to differientiate which is what (High, Low, etc.) as the former text headings that used to accompany the icons are no longer there, just the icons, & we all know the Flash icon - it doesn't reveal the quality in any way. You just have to guess by the size, or click through to DL to see the filename & cancel if it's the wrong one. One other thing: the pane is now always on top, even if that option isn't ticked.

This has been a great add-on, one which I use more than any other. It's great to avoid flash cookies and session bloat. I download a lot of vids to watch later, & FVD has been great for that. I hope this can be easily fixed. Kind of lost without it. Thanks, Pavel!

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