wow - v5 is quite a piece of work! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

just a couple little things i don't like...

i think the url in the address bar should be used for the various queries, rather than the url of the loaded page - i think that would be quite useful in a number of cases - along with that, the icon would need to be visible at all times so one could enter an address in a blank tab and preform a query

the flag icons still bug me a bit - the standard icons in the address bar are all monochrome (on win at least) and i think it would be good to have an option of monochrome flags

with as many services as there are, and perhaps more to come, i think it's time to add the ability to better organize them with folders and separators

consider adding ability to use '\n' or '\r\n' or something that will be converted to a return/line feed - useful for "copystring:" operations

great add-on other than those minor niggles :)

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thanks for the feedback

I'd like the action to apply to non-loaded addresses as well, however there isn't an easy way to get at that URL in all versions of Firefox. I think they added a method in newer versions, but at the moment that's not doable. Annoying technical limitation. :/

Monochrome flags wouldn't work. Half of Europe has tri-color flags that would all look identical if the flags didn't have color. ;)

Yeah, yeah, yeah... folders. Popular request, and on the long todo list. :p

Parsing '\n' for newlines in a copystring action is probably doable. I'll look into that.

Thanks for the feedback! In the future, you can post this sort of thing on the Flagfox forum or in a comment on the blog so it's easier for me to reply to you and discuss things. :)