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Version 4.1 only shows the flag in the address bar and doesn't have the option of changing its location. I had to go back to the previous version as I like to see the flag in the status bar.

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Firefox 4+ has no status bar

Flagfox 4.1 removed support for the old positioning options because Firefox 4.0 got rid of the status bar. Flagfox supports some older versions but is primarily written for the primary user population using the current Firefox version. Firefox 4.0 will be out soon, so as I stated on the blog and in the developer comments here, I released the new version to support it and dropped status bar positioning options because they're no longer applicable. I would have liked to be able to release Flagfox 4.1 just before Firefox 4.0, but unfortunately it's not possible to time a release exactly like that here. The Firefox 4.0 release date is unpredictable and it turned out that the Flagfox 4.1 Mozilla editor review time was a fraction of what was stated publicly to be the normal waiting time, thus it's out with a bit of a gap before Firefox 4.0.