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Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded Version History

12 versions

Be careful with old versions!

These versions are displayed for reference and testing purposes. You should always use the latest version of an add-on.

Version 1.0.14rc1 1.8 MiB Works with Firefox 50.0 - 56.*

Fixed undocumented crash when loading a page with HTML5 video/audio caused by namespace change in Firefox 53

Version 1.0.13rc1 1.8 MiB Works with Firefox 50.0 - 56.*

Version 1.0.12rc1 1.9 MiB Works with Firefox 43.0a1 - 49.*

Version 1.0.11rc1 1.9 MiB Works with Firefox 29.0a2 - 43.*

about:reader (reading list) support
Heartbeat functionality icons/styling
Whitelisted toolbarbuttons using Toolbar(-small).png instead of blindly applying to .toolbarbutton-1

Badged toolbarbutton (Firefox update badge) feature
Project Chameleon about: page design fix
OS X Yosemite toolbar.png fix
Feed Sidebar add-on compatibility fixes
about:customizing fixes
Video/Image document fixes

DevTools updated to latest version

Version 1.0.10rc1 1.7 MiB Works with Firefox 29.0a2 - 37.*

Version 1.0.9rc1 1.7 MiB Works with Firefox 29.0a2 - 36.*

Re-enabled support for OS X.
Titlebar overlapping icons? Please re-enable the titlebar on about:customizing first to the titlebar issue.

Fixed oversized SDK-based add-on icons
Fixed New Tab page
Updated doorhanger icons
Updated about:customizing styles
Updated DevTools
Fixed blurry hamburger menu icon and separator
Added support for Loop, WebIDE and Panic/Forget buttons
Fixed blurry throbbers
Fixed red close icon state being visible on all tabs and not just the sidebar close button
Updated OS X styles

Version 1.0.8b1 1.6 MiB Works with Firefox 29.0a2 - 33.*

Changes since 1.0.7:
# Firefox 31+ urlbar wrapper fix
# Fixed display issue while on about:customizing
+ Implemented context navigation buttons
+ Added icons for Loop and other new features
# Updated SocialAPI-related code
# Updated Click-to-play doorhanger-related code
+ Updated about:customizing (UITour) / zoom panelUI buttons
+ Added Translation infobar support
+ New notification/doorhanger icons
+ Implemented Places dropOn changes (bug 687968)
# Updated DevTools
# Cleaned up code.

Changes since 1.0.6:
OSX temporarily not supported due to lack of proper testing on it. It works, but the tab toolbar is horribly broken.
+ Implemented WebRTC status button
+ about:networking support
# Updated Click-to-Play placeholders
# HTML5 volume bar
# Updated DevTools
+ Added chromeUI favicon and chromeUI doorhanger popup icon
# Updated AppManager styles
+ about:tabcrashed support
# findBar fixes
- Unusued code cleanup
# Responsive Design View fixes
+ Added several doorhanger icons
# Fixed social share panel & toolbar icon
# UPdated Downloads-button -related files
+ WebRTC status icon
+ Identity doorhanger "More info" icon
# GCLI/DevToolbar fixes
# pinned tab overflow fix
+ (Title)changed pinned tabs support
+ Australis Menu support
+ Updated DevTools highlighter code
# Kept Go-button support by recreating it in the form of the urlbar go button
# Preliminary UITour support
* Compatible with several CTR features
+ Warning mesage not to disable the titlebar in about:customizing
# Tabs are on bottom, icons are large (options to customize soon)

Version 1.0.6b1 1.1 MiB Works with Firefox 24.0 - 28.*

First of all, sorry for the wait. I've been very busy IRL and haven't had much time to work on the theme. This beta version includes a fix for the download indicator and findbar. If it doesn't display properly for you (or even if it DOES display properly), feel free to contact me (IRC/GitHub/Twitter etc).

Changes since last stable version 1.0.5:
[DevTools] Fixed several issues, added support for the App manager
[DevTools] Responsive Design View update
[Downloads] Includes fix for the broken Download Manager icon.
[Findbar] Findbar fixed. Attempted to restore the original layout.
[Social] Fixed several Social API features.

Version 1.0.5b1 1.1 MiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 27.*

Version 1.0.4b 1.0 MiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 24.*

Changes since 1.0.3:
[DevTools] Added support for the new (FF20+) Web Developer tools
[Media] Updated (HTML5) media controls
[Notifications] Added support for the Click-to-Play notification, added several other icons
[Media] Updated the blocked plugin/Click-To-Play placeholder block
[UI] Fixed Private Browsing button and and menu option icon
[SocialAPI] Fixed provider button icon

[Theme] Removed some Firefox 4-19 backwards-compatible cod
[Theme] Unprefixed CSS3 gradients/animations/transitions/transforms
[Media] Added image rotation gesture support (FF21+)

Add-on compatibility fixes:
[S4E] Fixed Status4Evar secure site coloring

Known issues:
- Status4Evar downloads button shows the wrong icon

Version 1.0.3b1 999.5 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 20.*

Important notice:
Because of the complexity of maintaining several Dev(eloper)Tools and other code kept for backwards compatibility version 1.0.3 will probably be the last version to be compatible with FF4-17. Future updates of the theme will have a FF18/19 requirement. E-mail me if you have any questions/suggestions.

Changes since 1.0.2 (stable):
[Theme] converted most code to MPL 2.0. (~50KB freed!)
[Notifications] Fixed Click-to-play notifications (and icons)
[Notifications] Added webRTC notification icons
[Notifications] Added identity (BrowserID/Persona) icons
[Bookmarks] Fixed visited livemark (RSS feed) item icon
[SocialAPI] Implemented SocialAPI/Facebook-related code. Modified to look more FF2'ish. Unfinished.
[UI] Fixed placeholder styles for FF19 and up (bug 737786/556145). To keep backwards compatibility, it WILL generate an error in the Error Console.

Add-on compatibility fixes:
- Added fix for the "Hide BookmarksBar" height bug caused by poorly written code by the add-on's author (thanks Jens for reporting!)
- Added code to remove the (useless) empty "Qualys BrowserCheck" statusbar panel.

Version 1.0.2b1 986.7 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 20.*

Note: This version is the same as the upcoming 1.0.2 update, this update is just here to provide updates to people who are on the development channel.

GitHub link(s):
Project page

[DevTools] Added support for the new tools (Debugger,Responsive View, Developer toolbar etc)

[Media] Updated (HTML5) audio/video player controls
[UI] Updated (standalone) image viewer
- Added OS-specific files to fix tabbox problems
- Updated most, if not all code to the new MPL 2 licence.

[UI] Fixed HTTPS/Identity block icons, added new lock icon
[Media][UI] ClickToPlay messages
[about:] about:certError triangles
[DevTools] Fixed Page Inspector using the generic checked state appearance instead of using it's own.
[UI] Fixed Go-button position when having a readonly window open/customizing the toolbar
[UI] Fixed notification appearance
[UI] Fixed the find toolbar having the wrong appearance for selected buttons (as the toolbarbutton appearance was still being applied)

- Microsummary-related code (feature removed in Firefox 5)
- Removed some images not in use anymore
- Removed Search-addengines.png (as the addengines attribute was removed in Firefox 4)

Extension fixes:
AdBlockPlus: fixed/changed close buttons
Status4Evar: fixed awesomebar progressmeter alignment
Roboform: Fixed appearance of the hard-to-see AutoSave bar when using Aero
Stacked Inspector: Fixed a bug causing the icon to stretch the toolbar