FEBE is a life saver! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

@MichaellsGreat - hysterical use of exclamation points should be a grounds for flagging a review ;-)

But then, using emoticons should probably be as well.

Calm yourself, ninja of spaz.

I've used this extension many times, and it's reliable, and an essential part of a backup/disaster recovery plan.

It's powerful, highly customizable, and well supported by the developer - just make sure you post your question or problem in the right place ;-)

Writing this review I just realized how often I use it and recommend it - I should donate, right?

Definitely. Also, people, try saying thanks once in a while. At least.

Developing anything takes time and energy, and it gets annoying to hear complaints consistently from the least technically savvy users.

I can't say it's always been perfect, as I've had ONE problem with it in all the time that I've used it, but then I haven't checked the support forum page, and what with all of the potential compatibility issues that could arise with other extensions (which may not be properly designed themselves), I'd expect to find that the problem originates with another extension and not FEBE. You might want to check the support link before deciding that it's FEBE and kvetching in here.

I trust this developer and this extension, and I admire the amount of control you have over the extensions functionality, and I highly recommend this extension - even to customers.

Creating this extension must have been a massive undertaking...

Thanks, Chuck!

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