Rated 2 out of 5 stars

It makes everything difficult. I do not understand why it cannot work like xmarks and simply auto-synchonize everything you want. Instead, you have to deal with three separate add-ons to achieve one goal (to load quickly and easily your preferred settings and add-ons on any machine you may use).

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (6.1). 

Response ...

I should point out that FEBE was developed as a *Backup and Restore* utility. It was never intended to be a fully automated synchronization tool. While two or more Firefox profiles can be synchronized by restoring a FEBE generated full profile backup, it is not automatic.

You don't need three separate add-ons (I'm assuming you are referring to FEBE/CLEO/OPIE). CLEO and OPIE were developed to make it easier to transfer *specific extensions and their preferences (options)* to another Firefox profile.

CLEO bundles two or more extensions into a single, installable xpi for easy installation. OPIE does the same for the extension preferences. Neither of these add-ons are needed to perform and maintain Firefox backups. Both were written to address power-user needs, not the casual user.

FEBE currently has a built-in "Quick Backup" feature that is essentially a simpler version of CLEO. A future FEBE release will contain a feature similar to OPIE.