URL as is + Feature request Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Works well. BUT : I can't enter a url as is. I've left a field empty to use Yubnub as-is, but it doesn't act like Yubnub. eg: If I enter http://mozilla.org in Yubnub or the FY's alert box, I get there. But if I highlight a URL I get it's google search.

In the options, if the 1st field is empty it should not appear in the menu
Focus does not work when using the alert box (but I never use it so I don't mind. XP)

Feature request:
- have options to remove the 'FastYub!' + 'options' from the context menu
- have possibility to reorder entries + backup
- hard: possibility to search yubnub commands in the options dialogbox??? And/or have a feature that shows commands related to the current website? (A bit like greasefire 8352)

Thanks! great job! Keep it up =)
UPDATE: Thanks for the fix! Does work!

To users: You can import your old Fastyub commands into an other profile by editing the prefs.js file in your FF profile folder, just copy paste all the fastyub lines.


Hi \r\ni fixed \"as is\" feature :).\r\nFor all the other request, i will work on it :P (except from search commands).\r\ngreetings\r\nMichele