fasTun Tool 1.21.1-signed.1-signed

Privacy Policy

The administration of fasTun service treats with respect the confidential information of its users. The program support of fasTun service does not contains Spyware, Adware or any other harmful program code.

1.We do not collect personal data (such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, credit cards numbers, passwords, etc.) of the fasTun service users without clear notification.
2.We do not sell or provide anybody with neither private no any other information about the fasTun service users. But we can disclose the information about the fasTun service users only if it is legally required, or is necessary at a trial, or is necessary for answer the inquires of law enforcement agencies or for answer the complaints of persons who’s rights were breached by the fasTun service users or who has suffered another way from the activity of the fasTun service users, or for protection the property and rights of fasTun service and of its partners.
3. We do not use an information about the fasTun service users for sending spam or for any advertising.

fasTun service keeps in log-files the users IP-addresses and the IP-addresses to which the users join via fasTun service. This information is used in technical purposes only.

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