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Neet Idea, but may I suggest the following changes

1. Don't show the previous / next arrows in the address bar when there are no digits in the URL.

2. Going down from 100 brings you to 099, instead of 99. Both could be useful, there should be an option to switch the behavior.

3. Going down from 0, 00, 000, etc., introduces some strange behavior. Perhaps you can remove the down arrow when the sequence reaches 0.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.2). 

Thanks for the suggestions...

Please don\'t give feedback here, but write an email. Address available from my homepage.\r\n\r\n1.) 0.3. addresses this\r\n2.) Addressed in 0.3. as well, but it is auto-tuning... Having a preference is to cumbersome to change and being \"asked\" (aka. some dialog) is plain annoying. It will try to reload the page without a leading 0 when the one with the 0 gives an error.\r\n3.) 0.3. checks for a value of 0 (0, 00, ...) and won\'t show the arrows then.