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I have reviewed this addon favourably in the past too, and have added it to my addon collections as well. I have come back to encourage the developer to continue developing this great addon and taking it to new heights. This really is a work of art.

I must praise the developer for being very responsive to users' ideas. If the developer continues to develop this addon at this pace, in 1 or 2 years, it will become an addon in the same class as Adblock Plus and TabMix Plus.

A few suggestions I'd like to give to the developer to give him new ideas about how to enhance this all-in-one addon:
1. The smart searchbox could contain additional commands like the addon "Clip reference". For example, an option to copy the selected text, open selected text as url, find selected text in this tab, find selected text in all tabs, copy text, etc...+ few more functions not found in Clip reference i.e Search selected test within this site using Google, Search selected text within this site using the site's own search engine, and so on + Functions like the addon "QuoteURLText", copy selected text alongwith page title, url and date
2. Use the keyword 'f' to search for text in a page and 'ff' to search in all tabs. This is a feature we find in the Opera browser. If you type 'f firefox' in the address bar, it finds and highlights all instances of the word on the page. If this function is added to Fastest Search, then find text with one step less as there would be no need to do Ctrl+F or Ctrl+Shift+F before you can tye your text.
3. Enable/Disable Autocopy or Instant Search or Drag and drop by middle clicking or right clicking on the Fastest Search's button. You(the developer) might choose to allow toggling any function of your addon by pressing the button. This will make the button more usable. And by disabling/enabling functions on the go, we get a faster firefox.
4. Double click image to save it. Double clicking opens a dialog to allow you to choose the location where you want to save image.
5. Copy page's title, url and date by pressing Ctrl+C when you are on the page and have selected no text.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.31.1-signed).  This user has 3 previous reviews of this add-on.

Hi, thanks for your kind review as always! For your suggestions:
1. Open selected text in a new tab is supported in "Misc. Settings" (named "Do not open selected plain text link"). Find select text in this tab/all tabs would be useful. Searching text on current site using Google is supported using Custom Engine with a special syntax (see "Misc. important features" section on this addon's page). Copy selected along with page title etc. sounds too undefined (some users might not want title but just want date, some might want only url ...) to be implemented.
2. That's useful, but I personally would rather use Ctrl-Alt-F to turn on Find-As-You-Type instead. This way you instantly see how many results are found and can immediately change keyword. No need to jump into addressbar and type f.
3. That's unfortunately not doable, AFAIK. It's limited by Addon SDK - I tried catching right click before and failed. And the current SDK version still only supports left click.
4. I'm not sure this is better than right click and drag to save an image. In fact, I know for certainly that if an image has a link on it, double clicking the image would still open that link before my addon even receives that double click event to do the saving. It's too unreliable to do this.
5. Copying current page's URL when nothing is selected is supported in "Misc. Settings" ("Smart Copy & Paste"), and you can Ctrl-V in another tab to open that URL without having to type 'Enter'. Note that this feature is inactive if your focus is in anywhere that you can type text in, just in case it's an inadvertent mistake. Again copying title etc. is too undefined for now.
Again thanks for your review and suggestions!