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Dear, Mingyi Liu!
Thank you very much for this superb firefox addon! Way of my browsing isn't simple at all, I use many different addons for rocker gestures, search additions, tabs management etc and all these tools is for comfort browsing. But your great addon changes my way of browsing in one minute, now I use all of its features and some massive addons became useless!
I know that you are a perfectionist-genius, best wishes to you and your truly gifted son!

Also I have one little question :)
Can you help me to add to Fastest Search "Metacritic.com" search engine?
here is what I get automacially
these settings don't work.

upd: I followed your instructions and it works! Thank you again!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.84.1-signed). 

Thank you very much! Glad that you like the addon and Charlie's piano performances!

As for metacritic, oh my, talk about non-standard coding!! It's certainly more annoying than all other engines I included.

Indeed if you use 'Create Fastest Search' it wouldn't work. But if you follow the "search for 'TESTKEY' then use 'Add Engine for Current Page' link in Options" instruction, the added engine does work perfectly.

Update: Now I finally got the far more annoying part done - get the Suggest and Instant features work correctly for metacritic.com. For that I had to change coding to specifically accommodate this one addon, and for this reason you need to install the latest v1.92 to get the metacritic work correctly.