I removed Firetune + backup to default but my problem didn't solve Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi , it's babaob3

I don't know why i can't edit more than one review so i put my previous problem here and after my answer :

My problem was :
"Excellent addon ! I start using it in firefox 2.0 and with firefox 3.0 and now 3.5 , I was very glad to see it's still kept i developpement !
I'll just ask a question : when i choose my "Custom" settings ( I just modify connections to [40/16/16/16] and pipelining to [8] ) it saves this configuration while i don't close firefox but as soon as I close firefox , when i restart it later I EVER have to set once more this options and then press ok what's quite annoying (I run with Fasterfox 3.6.3Lite)"

Hope you'll fix this or maybe give me more explanations. "

And this is my answer : I removed Firetune + backup to default but my problem didn't solve

" It's once more me . I remebered indeed i was previously using firetune before fasterfox lite. Now i did a backup to default profile and removed it because i don't use it anymore. However that doesn't solved my problem. What i can only say , is that i'm running on Vista and had the same problem with another Vista while it didn't occur on a Windows XP with a few addons.
In my Windows Vista , on Firefox 3.5 (now 3.5.1) i have several addons but anyone except fasterfox lite that can modify my internet connection settings . So my problem didn't solved but don't matter now o run with Turbo Charged and i think it's better than the config i wanted [40/16/16/16] like Tweak Network Settings .

So thanks for all :) Continue your work ! "

So that's it! :) Continue your work :) !

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.8Lite).