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This is an awesome extension! It puts a list of all my extensions in an easy to access menu located in the Firefox button dropdown. From there you can click on each extension's name for the options for that extension. Super useful! I do have one feature request though. Would it be possible for the user to right click on an extension name and then enable/disable that extension from the right click menu? That would be another valuable feature. *Edit Response to developer*
Thanks, that will work just as well.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.23.1-signed). 

You can try version 1.24beta1 at the bottom of the page (development channel.) It does not add a right-click menu, but if you right-click on a menu item it will enable/disable the extension and restart the browser (if needed to complete the action.) To add this feature you have to go to about:config (in the URL bar) and set extensions.ExtensionOptionsMenu.QuickActions to true. If you do this, I suggest you also set extensions.ExtensionOptionsMenu.ShowAll to true, otherwise you will not be able to enable extensions since disabled extensions are normally hidden.