followup review, might be useful Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I guess I have time to waste. saw the developers comment and I wanted to check my previous review. I stand corrected. you still must open an account with eLertgadget. This then allows you to create a blog post. Your blog post which originates on the website can then be posted to multiple free places such as twitter, facebook and free wordpress or google blogger blogs. This can be useful if you wish to submit an article to one of your free blogs hosted on wordpress or blogger . It also let's you create a blog with your own choice of a domain name through wordpress for $17 (which is what wordpress charges anyway). Of course there are limitations on extensions that can be used on wordpress hosted blogs. It does do what they claim it does. but does not let you post to your own hosted blog, only hosted on wordpress and blogger which confused me initially. Looking past the usefulness of free blog sites it could be beneficial to someone as you can highlight text and get the beginning of a blog post going, Doesn't seem to copy formatting or images though. giving it 4 stars for execution, 2 stars for value and usefulness. My apologies for previous review which was not accurate.

bogus reviews- I dont' get this Rated 1 out of 5 stars

not sure I'm understanding what this blogging tool does. You signup with their account and it sends the post to others who also have an account? Umm, seems irrelevant. Very curios though that all reviews happened within 4 days, all seem to say the same thing, and all are rated 5 star. Come on, really?

Please get your facts right when leaving a review.

Yes a lot of reviews were left shortly after launch of the add-on due to a newsletter going to our users, they are loyal, hence the favourable reviews. How you got to the conclusion that posts get sent to others who have an account I am not quite sure, its a blog posting tool, as simple as that, it posts to blogs.