Vaccums nicely Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Even though I take care in cleaning prefs.js after removing an add-on, eCleaner still found old dust, even an inconsistency I've been moving with for several years :)Developers : your work for bringing up Firefox add-ons is appreciated by all (you participate to the success of Firefox) but please, please, please : give to your extensions' data names in accordance with that of your add-on and, in particular, avoid digital names à la {juujej5558dshhe99ccjhhhdhdh} which are a real pain when you have to clean-up, as well as abbreviations (MAF for Mozilla Archive Format is maybe obvious when you have 3 add-ons and/or after install, but after some time and 60 extensions, it is a pain as well. Also, please, do not dispatch within several names data for the same add-on (I've seen an add-on with 3 unrelated names in prefs.js).This said, thanks again to all mighty developers!