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I have a problem with this addon on a Croatian keyboard, where the accents are placed on the numbers and are usually reached through AltGr+letter you want to put it on (but not all are combineable with the letter, such as the accent circonflexe with 'u' and 'e', and some you cannot place on the letter at all, like accent grave or tilde). Anyway, the combination Ctrl+accent I want to place just has me switching tabs (like tab 1, tab 2, tab 3..), so I wonder if there is possibly a solution to this problem without having to switch to US keyboard and guessing where the punctuation and accents are?

EDIT: Still not working, neither the combination of, for example, Ctrl+Shift+1 nor Ctrl+AltGr+1 wouldn't put the tilde above n. I guess it's going to still be good old copy-paste for me.

try using the shift key

I don't have any experience with a Croatian keyboard, but the add-on is designed to work with pressing the actual punctuation mark key. From your message, it seems like the punctuation marks are above the numbers, so to enter them as ordinary punctuation marks you would have to type shift-<key>. Thus to use easyaccent, you'll have to type ctrl-shift-<key> and then the letter you want. Sorry if that doesn't work or isn't convenient. Hope this helps.