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I've used NewTabUrl addon for a long time, which you can get to duplicate the tab OR open the homepage. The problem with that is if you set it to duplicate tabs, and you want a new tab with your homepage, you have to wait for the duplicated tab to load all the media etc from the current tab each time before you can load the homepage.

Now, with 'Duplicate in Tab Context Menu' I can have both a duplicate tab feature, and the new page that loads my homepage via NewTabUrl.

Also, I like the addon always opening duplicate tabs in the background, there's no point in switching to a duplicate of a tab as it's the same tab!

Although I would like the ability to disable the shift+d shortcut, If I'm typing and am not in the correct box all hell breaks loose if I start typing in capitals.

Edit: Thanks for disabling shortcut. Great user support!
Edit 2: Thanks for bringing customizable shortcuts and background/foreground tab loading. This addon is truly great now!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (