As a search-addict, this add-on is a must-have! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This add-on is awesome. I use it combined with another add-on, “Add to Search Bar” that allows to add any search engine to both Goole search bar and Drag & Dropzones (even those you cannot add with the default “Manage Search Engine” function within Google search bar).

I’d just have two lil suggestions of improvements:
1/ Allow setting options to open search result in a pop-up window (for instance, I usually use wordreference to translate words in pages and I’d like the result to show up in a pop-up window rather than a new tab in order to keep on reading while the pop-up page is downloading; that said for other searches, say Google, I prefer it to open in a new tab; that’s why I’d like to have the choice to define settings of how it opens for each search engine)
2/ Allow syncing the add-on through Firefox sync cuz I use a PC and a laptop and each time I customize Drag & Dropzones I need to do it two times

Finally, lemme reply to shiios who was asking to "make an option that if you drag something to an empty space, it would do nothing instead of trying to make it go to the domain. This gets very annoying if I accidentally dragged something and want to cancel it but I don't have any options"…

Dude, just press ESCAPE key while dragging, it works like a charm :)

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