Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I love DTA. I've used it since its inception, its my favorite automated downloader (and I've tried them all, literally). I use Links almost exclusively to download (very rarely do I use Pictures and Media to download). As such, I also use Anti-Container, and cannot live without it.

I love the renaming masks. Very handy. However, quite often I wish there was a way to make DTA add my own text to the filename.

Here's an over-simplified example -

A web gallery with hundreds of jpegs, all Monet paintings, all named in number order (paintings1.jpg, paintings2.jpg, and so on). I want to download them all, but do not want to lose the original file names, so I would like DTA to add my own text "Monet_" to the beginning of the original filenames so that DTA saves the files to my storage as "Monet_paintings1.jpg" and "Monet_paintings2.jpg" and so on. It would be great to be able to quickly and easily add any text I choose to proceed DTA's renaming mask.

I appreciate any help or information you can give me. I thank you for your time and courtesy.

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