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This add-on really screws with the FF interface in some strange ways, making it conflict with several different add-ons and themes. It was really hard to trace back to Download statusbar because it doesn't just seem logical.

Here are the conflicts I can remember. This was consistent across FF 3.0 - 3.6.4, & 3.7a: 1) Diigo toolbar bookmark window only shows title bar when you open it. 2) Toolbar buttons - some buttons become huge triple layer toolbars in certain themes. 3) Too many tabs: screwed up the status bar once but I can't reproduce this. I had to install clean profile to get rid of it. 4. I THINK the themes I had problems with were Classic compact, and Scribblies??? Sorry it was a while ago. I do remember the themes has bubble type icons though.

It's too bad because this is one of my favorite and most useful extensions. Hope it gets solved soon.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Sorry you've had some problems

There have been a few random reports of add-on conflicts, but generally not as serious as you are describing. I expect the next release will address some of these problems.