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Excellent addon with a ton of great tweaks. I do have one suggestion though, could you possibly add a "delete file" option to the download panel context menu for each download?
That would be awesome.

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The problem with doing this is that I'd have to work out how to add entries to the context menu in the panel, in about:downloads, in the Library and in my own downloads window (all separately because they'd require different ways of doing it). And once I've worked that out, all the people that want the button action to show in the context menu will be asking for Retry/Pause to be added too. And then I've got to work out how file deletion works (does the file go to the Recycle Bin? Or maybe the user turned the Recycle Bin off. Or maybe they're on Linux/Mac where it's the Trash Can or whatever.)

That exceeds the amount of effort I want to go to for a feature I don't see myself using.

(Having said that, I'm one of those people that wants Retry/Pause/etc in the context menu, so maybe I'll do the first two parts at some point. If so, then I'll probably end up doing this feature too while I'm at it.)