Rated 4 out of 5 stars

One thing I want from this extension:
-able to close tab by single middle clicking on the tab itself, I can't do that on the last tab so it would be be nice.
EDIT: No, I mean on the very LAST tab, mozilla doesn't allow it, and I would like it on this extension.

I did not implement "Close tab by single middle click" in DCCT because Firefox itself already does it. In your case, I bet some other addon you installed (maybe TabMixPlus?) disabled Firefox's default behavior. Disable that addon (or adjust its settings if available) and you'd have single middle click closes tab back.

Please adjust your rating because the issue affecting your rating is not related to DCCT. Thank you.

1. If you have a request, I'd rather you contact me through email than giving my addon a 4-star review that I don't appreciate.
2. The feature you want is rather personal preference, as I can see why FF does not implement it - they don't want people to accidentally close FF because they did not realize the tab they just closed is the last tab. I agree with FF folks on this.