Accessibility in mind! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

In first place let me thank you for all of your work and close attention and dedication you have for us who use your work with pleasure :0) I checked your site (quickly) and I liked the style very much. You sure don't follow the latest web fashion styles that big sites dictate. Every new page tries to look like the latest trendy web pages. They don't think about the user. They think how close it can be from that "cool" design of facebook, google, etc. It's the only goal of web designing.
Yours shows the text directly, no distractions. We start to read immediately while in the common fashion we 1st look at whole page and it's style. Then we try t find a piece of text. Then we try to figure out what we should or not read. Then we try to read..... What a pain!

Ok enough of this. But it reflects your view of usability. "I give others what I like for me" - am I right?
I'm using Double Click Closes Tab - adds more tags key searches to this page :0) - because I like my browsing without annoyances and fluidly. I don't want to frown just to click in a tiny red x button - am I controlling the "computer" or is he controlling me saying I must click that sh*t to close him? Now imagine older people's experience with the web! A whole afternoon just to browse a dozen webpages - what a waste of their precious time. Yes, yes it's the naughty red X fault! Hehe - / well they can always use the browsers without tabs. New windows might be a solution.

I'd love to know how to program just to "disassemble" some programs and rebuild them with easier and bigger fonts and buttons etc. Yes that's not webpage design related I know but, nevertheless...

Related to the tiny red X close buttons I search in the past for bigger close buttons tab etc and never found a "direct" extension which made them bigger thus easier to click but found nothing more than (in a google group ff discussion) to edit userChrome.css adding some lines. There is also chromeditplus where one can edit that same css file within and while using firefox.

Anyway, it works greatly for me. It takes a bit to get used to double and triple right click (not just in tabs but anywhere, doesn't have to do with this extension!). Thank you very much for providing different ways to do the primary objective which was to double click to close tabs!
Sorry for the big reply and any english mistake or lack of phrase build or sense or whatever. Keep it up please. We need people like you thinking and inventing better ways of, in this case, using firefox. Cheerio!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.26.1-signed.1-signed). 


Thanks for taking the time to write such a long and kind review, it's much appreciated!

Indeed you're right. I'm sharing my work in hope others that browse like me would find it useful. My "Double click closes tab" and "Fastest Search" both make browsing a little faster or sometimes much faster (for Fastest Search). I'm glad most users like them much!