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End-User License Agreement

Dot.LC - Quick Link Generator requires that you accept the following End-User License Agreement before installation can proceed:

Genoxia Quick Link generator EULA:
Genoxia reserves the right to remove without notice an free domaine or a Quick Link if necessary.
Genoxia can not be held responsible for the content of sites or personal pages free domains or quick links. The Service User agrees and acknowledges that it is solely responsible for the information, text, images, data, files, programs contained in his blog, his site or his personal page. The Service User agrees to be his personal affair and Genoxia release from all liability, loss, claim, dispute, damage or expense, including legal fees and defense, claimed by a third party or by another user because site or his personal page. Our service is designed for private use and not commercial.

In case of fraudulent use of our service (Phishing, illegal contents, ...), you can contact us via the email address "" specifying the domain name or the Quick Link in question and the object "ABUSE -".

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