Hides Facebook Like *boxes* Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I haven't tested this long enough yet to know how it compares to Ghostery in general, but so far seems good. I already have Ghostery, Better Privacy (for Flash cookies), and Cookie Monster which I have set to only accept cookies for those sites I allow whilst my Firefox settings are set to not allow any cookies at all (so that Cookie Monster controls them). So I'm not entirely sure if I need the opt-out cookies if I were to keep using Cookie Monster?

One of the reasons I decided to try DNT+ is because of its claims that it still lets you use social buttons. I have websites of my own where I've got Google Plus buttons, Ghostery changes the appearance/colour of the button whilst DMT+ doesn't. I've also got a Facebook Like Box which has both a link to our Facebook (business) page as well as a "Like" button which also shows how many people like us. Ghostery gets rid of this totally. DMT+ leaves the "like" button but not the link to the Facebook page nor the number of Likes. As I need to see how many Likes we have without having to keep logging in to our Facebook page just for that, I had to "allow" Facebook Connect for our domain. If any of our visitors should be using DMT+, then they wouldn't be able to go to our Facebook Page without having to like us as the link's been removed by DMT+. For that matter, I like to see how many Likes other sites have but can't as DMT+ blocks this in Facebook Like Boxes.

Clearly, DMT+ wins with regards to social buttons. But I wonder if this with the Facebook Like boxes may be something that might be possible to fix in a future update?

Oh, and I have the same problem as Brad Culwell with the Preferences button in about:addons opening up a blank page and then closing it entirely.

Edit 4 April - This is breaking functionality on the telegraph.co.uk site where items on the right-hand side column are being superimposed on each other, making it impossible to see links to latest articles in other areas of the site.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (