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great addon :) makes me feel a bitter safer
DNSSEC should be standard this days

Requests should be more like "async" because on high latency my fox freezes sometimes until the DNSSEC query is answered.

Some test resolvers here:

IP Address:
FQDN of Server: phil-dnssec-trial.inflow.pa.bo.comcast.net
DNS Application: Nominum Vantio - IANA ITAR Enabled

IP Address:
FQDN of Server: atlt-dnssec-trial.s3woodstock.ga.atlanta.comcast.net.
DNS Application: ISC BIND - DLV Enabled

IP Address:
FQDN of Server: bvrt-dnssec-trial.beaverton.or.bverton.comcast.net.
DNS Application: NLNet Labs Unbound - IANA ITAR and DLV Enabled

auth-fra.dnssec.denic.de. 2A02:568:0:1::53


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.13alpha).