Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Excellent autohide extension. I put all of my navigation icons on the menubar, so this extension is perfect. Also, it doesn't require the statusbar to be either hidden or available only when hovering over links like Pimpoflage does. I use the extended statusbar extension and there is information on the statusbar I use constantly. Hiding it constantly or making it appear only when hovering over a link to see it is unacceptable; if the statusbar is made to show when hovering over links, it causes the browser to freeze up when going down a list of links and clicking on each one. Under those circumstances, the browser is trying to process the show statusbar instruction while receiving a multitude of those instructions along with instructions to open the webpages on a tab at the same time, and this causes a significant degree of hesitation in the browser's operation. This freezing up does not occur with this extension due to the fact that the statusbar can be shown at all times, which is not possible with Pimpoflage, and all those extra instructions to show the statusbar do not interfere with the browsers normal operation. The only improvement I would suggest is to have a mouseout pixel measurement from the top of the window so users could set the number of pixels from the top where the menubar would go back into hiding.