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This is the simplest yet best addon. As for the reviewer below (James Gordon) saying 'I use Firefox with XP and have no trouble placing a bookmark on my desktop. Simply right click the page you want to save, click "Save page as - HTML only" then go to "Desktop" in the "Save in" window.'...erm, that is completely useless information my friend, and it is wholly wrong too.
You do not understand basic html?
That will save a copy of the page, yes and on many pages that will contain links to the place you were at and want a shortcut to. However, as so many sites do not use full links on their pages, many times opening a locally saved HTML file and clicking a link on the page will give you something like 'file://servername.com/serverfilepath/page.html'
Which brings you to a big fat ERROR not found.
so no, you cannot simly make desktop shortcuts.
The guy who makes deskcut deserves at least some respect instead of your smart ass and incorrect comments!

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