Great addon! I love it! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Just found this a couple days ago, but I already LOVE this addon! Would you consider supporting CSS files as well?

I like how the current version shows up in the page source (and slide-in/out eye candy is pretty slick too). Swigger does make an interesting point though... as it would be very useful to have this work with Firebug or even just to be able to set some option to always display the Deminified version by default.

Cons: it also adds "Deminify" buttons to any in-page <script> blocks but 99.9% of the time these aren't as useful. Maybe we could have those only for <script> blocks with "src" which would open the Deminified version directly?

@trlkly.. I thought the meaning was pretty obvious. But I can see your point, if people haven't been exposed to minimized/minified JS then the meaning could be a little vague.

4 stars is just so there's motivation to make it better :)